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TAM Rawang is started by Telugu people those wish to bring quality Telugu Information around Rawang area via Internet circuit. TAM Rawang takes a stride to make the glory of Telugu reach wider section of population living across the world.

Telugu Thalli Prardhana Geethamu

Telugu Thalli Prardhana Geethamu

Maa telugu talliki mallepuudanda
Maa kannatalliki mangalaaratulu
Kadupulo bangaru kanuchuupulo karuna
Chirunavvulo sirulu doralinchu maatalli (Maa telugu talliki)

Gala galaa godhari kadilipothuntenu
Birabiraa krishnamma parugulidutuntenu
Bangaaru pantale pandutaayi
Muripaala mutyaalu doralutaayi (Maa telugu talliki)

Amaraavathee nagara apuroopa silpaalu
Tyaagayya gontulo taaradu naadhaalu
Tikkayya kalamulo tiyyandhanaaloo
Nityamai nikhilamai nilachi yundedhaaka (Maa telugu talliki)

Rudramma bhujashakti mallamma patibhakti
Timmarusu dhiiIyukthi krshnarayala keerthi
Maa chevula ringumani maarumrogedhaaka
Niiaatale aaduthaam niipaatale paadutaam
Jai Telugu thalli
Jai Telugu thalli
Jai Telugu thalli !!!

TAM Rawang Youths Futsal Tournament 2 (2011)

Dear TAM Youths,
With due respect, we Telugu Association of Malaysia, Rawang Branch (Youths & Mahilas) would like to bring your kind attention, that we will be organizing Futsal Tournament 2.

This program is to gather our Telugu Members & Youths to participate, support and to show the unity among our young generations.

Besides, We TAM Rawang Youths & Mahila’s Organizing committee would like to invite all our TAM Youths to attend, participate and joint our hands together to make this event successful and we hope your kind support in running this program will benefit us and at the same time please spread this information to all your surrounded people.

The program scheduled as below,
Date : 24th April 2011, Sunday
Time : 10.00 am
Venue : EPL Futsal, Rawang
Fee : RM 150.00 each group
Grouping : 8 person per group
(Each branch can be more than 1 group)
Attire : Sports Wear & Futsal Shoes ( By own )
Closing date : 31st March 2011

Prices :
1st Price : Trophy, Medal & Cash
2nd Price : Medal & Cash
3rd Price : Medal & Cash
4th Price : Medal
NB : * Lunch & Drinks will be provided for all the players.
* Only open to TAM Telugu Youths only.

Please fillup below application fomr and forward to us ASAP,

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nookiah ~ 019 3891322 (TAM Rawang Youths Chairman)
Surais Rao ~ 019 3743322 (Organizing Chairman)
Visaala ~ 012 2214419 (Organizing Secretary)
vishal2181@yahoo.com OR vishal2181@hotmail.com

We are thanking you in advance for your kind attention for the above matter.Your best compliments for this are more appreciated.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
(TAM Rawang Youths & Mahilas)

Tam Rawang & Mahila Futsal Tournament 2011

(Thestar page M29 28/10/2010) TAM organizing 7th Education Moral Camp 2010

(Thestar page M29 28/10/2010) TAM organizing 7th Education Moral Camp 2010

Message from TAM President Dr.Achaiah Kumar Rao

Hai Vishala (Vice chairperson) and TAM,Rawang Youth,

I congratulate you and your team for going into the field to make the banci project a great success.Our target is to show at least 150 000 telugus on Govt Official records.We need good cooperation from all Telugu in Malaysia.What I like about Rawang TAM is that you show it in action not in words,

TAM National team is also working hard to make the big difference in Telugu Statistics.Lets work togather & excel.

Jai Telugu Thalli
Dr.Achaiah ,

TAM Rawang Youths and Mahilas Out for BANCI

In conjunction of " AN Evening with PM" event, we Rawang Youths & Mahila's had start up to promote the event by organizing 1 Malaysia 1 Telugu BANCI door to door to all our Rawang Telugu Residents.

We had scheduled our trip as below:-

Starting from:


Suresh Rao, Amara & Group

Taman Sri Rawang - Done

Taman Garing Jaya - Done

Taman Garing - Done

Taman Garing Utama - Done


Nokia & Group

Kota Emerald Done

Taman Bayu Permai Done

Tasik Puteri Done


Guru & Mahila Chief Durgalammah

Country Homes Done

Sg. Bakau Done

Velox Done

Batu Arang Done


Visaala & R.Ganesh Rao

Kundang Done

Kuang Done

Sg. Serai Done


Sreenivas,Surais & Visaala

Rawang Town Done

Taman Sri Hijau - Done

Old Green Park - Done

New Green Park - Done


Visaala & Archana

Kg/Lee Kim Sai Done

Taman Bersatu Done

Taman Jati Done

Taman Tun Perak Done

PKNS Bt 17 - done Done



PKNS Bt.16 - Done

Taman Kancing Jaya - Done

Taman Mawar Done

Taman Tun Teja Done


Kausalya, Amara & Saro

Rawang Perdana 1 Done

Rawang Perdana 2 - Done

Taman Bukit Rawang - Done


Surais & Anand Gurunaidu

Kg.Mohd Taib - Done

Sg. Choh Done

Sg.Buaya Done


ALL Committee

Bukit Beruntung Done

Serendah Done

Batang Kali/Ulu Yam Done


Thanks to all working committee especially TAM Rawang Youths & Mahilas.

Bhavanam Make-over Activity

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